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The Actor's Approach to
Presentation Design

This unique programme gives participants the skills and insights to create powerful presentation supporting materials. The programme teaches a design process that focuses on how to leave a lasting impact on your audience, be it at a small board meeting or on a larger conference stage.

Ready to present your story with style?

Programmes can be held virtually or in-person

Programme outline

Participants explore the skills, tools and resources that will equip them to create impactful, clear and well thought out depictions of the information they wish to present, information that is often complicated, varied and technically detailed.


Participants will gain the confidence to be able to present such information in a way that will engage, inform and motivate their audiences.

Key Learnings


  • Identify common mistakes and pitfalls in preparing presentation materials.

  • Identify the needs of different audiences.

  • Develop a practical process for creating impactful slide decks & supporting materials.

  • Develop a design thinking mindset to present complicated ideas in a succinct and easy to grasp manner.

  • Understand business story-telling to build a case to lead audiences to a desired conclusion

  • Develop a strong eye for presenting complicated data in a visually impactful fashion

  • Inspire participants to become passionate data storytellers

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