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The Actor's Approach to
Executive Communication

Difficult Conversations | Career & Feedback Conversations | Forum Theatre | 1:1 Executive Coaching


Our team of professionally trained actors and role players create ultra-real situations for participants to engage with. Role-play scenarios can be developed to help participants rehearse for a variety of situations.


Customised programmes from 1:1 coaching to group workshops are available.

Ready to learn how to overcome obstacles? 

Programmes can be held virtually or in-person

The Actor's Approach to...

Dealing With Difficult Conversations


It is very rare to find someone who has not been faced with a difficult conversation, which can cause tense or stressful situations in the workplace.


During this programme, participants explore what makes conversations difficult and why people avoid them.


Interacting with in-character role players will help participants identify ways to navigate these conversations, practice facilitation techniques and tools to produce a positive outcome for both parties.

Key Learnings

  • A strong foundation for best practice communication skills in the workplace

  • Identifying why communication breaks down

  • Understanding the three types of difficult conversations

  • How to positively resolve communication issues in the workplace

Ready to start meaningful conversations?

Programmes can be held virtually or in-person

The Actor's Approach to ...

Career Conversations


Helping your team succeed is a key component of a successful executive role. Through our programme, we support you in guiding your team through honest open conversations that allow team members to express their ideas, wants, and needs, as well as giving them ownership of their decisions.


Build a motivated team with ambition and strong career goals, ultimately building a positive work culture, boosting retention, and strengthening your organisation.


Key Learnings


  • Understand the importance of structured feedback with the GROW feedback model

  • Empower and motivate your team

  • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders

  • Create a strong work culture

  • Develop strategies to guide the conversation

  • Increase employee retention

Interested in this programme?

Programmes can be held virtually or in-person

The Actor's Approach to...

Forum Theatre


Ideal for dealing with difficult to approach topics within the workplace, professionally trained actors re-enact office scenarios, thereby creating a safe, supportive environment to facilitate discussion, dialogue, and self-reflection.


The ideal tool to recognise and deal with topics such as unconscious bias, motivating a team under pressure or other observable negative behaviours.


Participants will be able to stop the performance, rewind, replay, and redirect the action as they see fit. This non-hierarchical and experiential learning practice assists in provoking empathy, and authentic engagement with the issues being confronted.


Participants are offered coaching and feedback on individual performance.


Key Learnings


  • Brings a new perspective to existing issues

  • Influence workplace culture through group discussions

  • Recognise and deescalate negative situations

  • Facilitates positive discussion and decision making

The Actor's Approach To
Sales Training

Interested in this programme?

Programmes can be held virtually or in-person

The Actor's Approach to...

1:1 Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching helps participants identify their own strengths and develop their weaknesses in order to achieve their goals and therefore reach their full potential.


Participants are able to accelerate their long-term professional development, develop and practice a growth mindset, and drive their personal growth.



Key Learnings


  • Develop a growth mindset

  • Increase your presence and personal awareness

  • Drive your productivity

  • Set personal goals that are measurable and ambitious and attainable 

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