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The Actor's Approach to
Presentation Skills

Mind | Voice | Body | Text

The key to success in any pitch, presentation, or discussion is to address the issue of confidence in the way we communicate. Our method uses highly effective acting techniques and exercises to instil confidence and improve all areas of professional communication.


The Actor's Approach...

With a foundation rooted firmly in theatre, we apply 'The Actor's Approach...' method to all our presentation skills training programmes. The method uses a four-step process to prepare participants to communicate and present with impact, gravitas, and empathy.

We offer individual and group programmes.

Presentation Skills Training


Harness the power of your mind to create executive presence

Presentation Skills Training


Enhance your vocal skills to instil credibility and inspire your audience

Presentation Skills Training


Use your body to communicate a clear and impactful message

Presentation Skills Training


Structure your messaging to suit your audience 

Ready to inspire an audience?

Programmes can be held virtually or in-person

The Actor’s Approach to...

Public Speaking

This programme is designed for anyone wanting to improve their presentation or pitching skills, ensuring that their performance will inspire audiences and compel them to act upon the intended message.


The programme comprises of 5 x 1.5-hour sessions, during which the participant designs, rehearses, and delivers a full presentation. The final performance is filmed and reviewed with a full assessment delivered at the end of the programme. 

Key Learnings

  • Increase confidence in public speaking

  • Understand the communication needs of different audiences

  • Learn different presentation structures

  • Construct messages that achieve impact & clarity

  • Develop techniques to allow you to simplify complex ideas

  • Have Fun!

Ready to improve your leadership skills?

Programmes can be held virtually or in-person

The Actor’s Approach to...

Executive Presence

This programme is ideal for anyone looking to build their personal brand - one that evokes confidence, respect and trust from colleagues and stakeholders. 


We will work with you to develop your communication style focusing on interpersonal skills, including leadership, communication, conflict management, and presentation. 

All participants receive a recording of their performance, plus a completed individual Performance Review Form to support you in developing your skills further once the course is completed. 

Key Learnings

  • Develop executive presence

  • Refine your communication style

  • Increase your personal confidence

  • Explore the needs of different audiences

  • Awareness and control over verbal & non-verbal communication

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