Individual and Group Programmes


The Actor's Approach To Public Speaking


Individual Programmes - Outline

The key to success in any pitch, presentation or discussion is to address the issue of confidence in the way one communicates; to unlock and enhance your own personal style of delivery. This course is ideal for anyone preparing for a presentation or pitch who wants to ensure that their performance will inspire their audience and compel them to take action.


After an initial consultation, sessions are delivered on a one to one basis over a 1.5 hour period. The number of sessions will depend on each individual with a recommended four to six sessions to begin with.

Key Learning

  • Increase confidence in public speaking.

  • Develop conversational skills.

  • Verbal & non-verbal communication.

  • Understand the effectiveness of story telling.

  • Turn nervous energy into positive results.

The Actor's Approach To Public Speaking


Group Programmes - Outline

Using a similar structure to the Individual Presentation Skills sessions, this programme gives participants the opportunity to develop their skills in a group environment. Performances are filmed and critiqued throughout the session and all participants receive a copy of their performance, plus a completed Performance Review Form to allow them to continue developing their skills once the course is completed.


For programmes lasting a full day or longer, the final session culminates in a competition, with participants presenting in small groups to an invited panel of judges.

Key Learning

  • The art of listening.

  • Presentation & story structure.

  • Presenting with impact.

  • Understand your audience.

  • Specific tools, tips & techniques.