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The Actor's Approach to
Business writing

Being misunderstood via email can be an extremely stressful experience, especially as email, currently, is the main form of communication in the business world. Participants work with customised case studies that identify their strengths and weaknesses, giving them time to work on the areas that need the most attention and easily adopt the techniques on offer.

Ready to write with style and purpose?

Programmes can be held virtually or in-person

Programme outline

By the end of the programme, participants will have developed the confidence to quickly draft, edit, and distribute their ideas in the safe knowledge their writing will be effectively received.


This programme is ideal for anyone looking to improve their skills in the following areas…


  • Making Simple Enquiries, Requests & Orders

  • Functional Language - Emails Informing, Confirming, Clarifying & Reminding

  • Replying to Customers/Colleagues - Handling Enquiries & Requests

  • Emails Regarding Payment (Billing Issues)

  • Emails with Questions

  • Emails Seeking Approval

Key Learnings


  • Learn different presentation structures & the optimum times to employ them

  • Understanding that tone of voice is as important as the text and messaging 

  • How to grammatically structure your writing in a way that will impact and resonate with your audience

  • How to create a narrative that enables you to effectively communicate complicated ideas and make your messages memorable

  • Understand different communication styles and your audience’s wants and needs


Available as 1:1 sessions to group workshops.

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