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Whether a start-up or a leading corporation, engaging on-brand content is one of the most important tools to connect with your stakeholders. As professional creators, we pride ourselves in producing spectacular content that delivers against core objectives to help raise your profile and stand out as a distinctive brand.

Case study 1

Leading Hong Kong medical care provider finds new ways to connect with customers

Presentation Skills

Remote studio recording


Podcast published to social

media channels

Pre-recording presentation

skills workshop

Pre-recording presentation skills workshop

After running The Actor’s Approach to Presentations Skills programme with a senior partner, we went on to train other members of senior management on specific presentation assignments.

Remote studio recording               

The fast-evolving pandemic presented an opportunity to establish thought leadership and brand recognition through an informative podcast series following the situation in Hong Kong. The highly popular series is a trusted source of information for existing and potential new patients.

Podcast published to social media channels

Our team was commissioned to create a second series to support a different area of the business. Mental wellness experts discuss hard-to-approach topics and bring awareness to these issues within the community. 

Anchoring from start to finish

Case study 2

Brainstorming workshop

Case Study_DM_1.jpg

Brainstorming workshop


A start-up client in the marine industry needed to tell their story. We helped them craft and package their key messages for different stakeholders including investors and potential clients.  

Design team at work

Case Study_DM_2.jpg

Client delivering the

final presentation

Case Study_DM_3.jpg

Design team at work


We created a clear, visually appealing brand to present our client’s story and product at its best. After creating all the sales and marketing tools required, the client could focus on what they knew best - getting their clients the best deal.

Client delivering the final presentation


Working closely with their team, we scripted, designed, and directed the pitch presentation; which went on to successfully bring our clients both the funding and client base they were looking for. 

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