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The Actor's Approach to
Inspirational Leadership

Shakespeare: Lessons in Leadership

The author of 37 plays and 154 sonnets, and the inventor of over 1,700 words in the English language, Shakespeare is indisputably a master communicator and storyteller. The leadership lessons to be gleaned from his body of work are timeless and relevant in today’s ever-changing political, cultural and business landscape.

Ready to influence and inspire?

Programmes can be held virtually or in-person

Programme outline

This programme uses one of Shakespeare’s seminal texts, Henry V, to examine how the young king progresses from the newly ascended monarch in a divided kingdom to one of the most inspirational and successful leaders of all time.


The lessons learned from the play provide both an ethical and a practical foundation for today’s emerging leaders, helping them to better understand human behavioural styles and how to communicate their ideas in ways that motivate and inspire employees.


The interactive programme uses text, role-play and current case studies to extract creative insight and learnings from the play to develop inspirational leadership.


Available as 1:1 coaching to group workshops.


Key Learnings

  • Differing styles of leadership

  • Influencing and inspiring

  • Dealing with change

  • Selling a vision with commitment and passion

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