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At Punch Presentations we want to open up the way people communicate, helping them to feel confident, connected and present. The key to success in any pitch, presentation or discussion is to address the issue of confidence in the way one communicates; to unlock and enhance your personal style of delivery. All our programmes can be run as individual or group sessions and are flexible enough to be customised to meet your learning objectives.

Training Programmes

Case study

Advocacy Training For Barristers and Lawyers 

Presentation Skills Training

Receiving personalised

feedback and advice

Presentation Skills Training
Presentation Skills Training

Detailed analysis of


Utilising presentation skills

in court

Pre-programme presentation skills workshop

For the past 10 years, Punch Presentations have worked alongside the Hong Kong Advocacy Training Council to support them in promoting high standards and best-practice in advocacy training. All pupils go through The Actor’s Approach Programme before commencing their submissions workshops.

1:1 in-court performance coaching

Our Team provide Performance Coaching for the HKATC’s Pupils Advocacy Training Programme, Prosecution on Fiat and the Appellate & Arbitration Advocacy Programmes. 

Followed up with the Performance Review Form

To support the development of the HKATC programme portfolio, we incorporate the latest best practices in performance coaching, and help pioneer new programmes, such as their 1st Chinese Advocacy Training Programme. 

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