Role Players  |  Elevator Pitch  |  Difficult Conversations


Role Players - Outline

We have a team of professional trained actor / role players who not only create ultra real situations for participants to engage within, but also offer coaching and feed back on individual performance.


Role play scenarios can be developed to help participants rehearse for a variety of situations, from one to one interviews, or larger meeting scenarios.

Using the ‘Forum Theatre’ format, participants can first comment on the scene depicted, then direct the role players in what they feel would be the best way forward, before stepping into the scene themselves to put their own ideas to the test.

Key Learning

  • Client interviews.

  • Job interviews.

  • Difficult conversations.

  • Client negotiations.

  • Forum theatre.

The Elevator Pitch & 

Sales Competition - Outline

A role play that is as real as it gets. It involves real clients in real situations. From an initial elevator pitch, to a deep-dive meeting culminating in a final solutions pitch, participants are challenged to present their ideas in a clear, succinct and compelling manner.

This module aims to empower attendees with the required presentation skills to alter someone’s opinions, attitudes, decisions and views in a positive way.

Key Learning

  • Mastering your message

  • Know your client

  • The lost art of listening. 

  • How to structure an effective meeting

  • Identify your customer’s needs.

  • Presenting your unique selling point.

Dealing With Difficult Conversations - Outline

It is very rare to find someone who has not been faced with a difficult conversation in the workplace. Conducting a difficult performance review or having to explain to your boss why a piece of work has not gone to plan; these situations can lead to highly stressful encounters that can be difficult to navigate at best and career-destroying at worst.

During this programme, participants will interact with role players to help them identify ways to navigate these conversations in order to produce a positive outcome for both parties.

Key Learning

  • A string foundation for best practice communication skills in the workplace.

  • Identifying why communication breaks down.

  • Understanding the three types of difficult conversations.

  • How to positively resolve communication issues in the workplace.